Happy New Years! WIP

Happy New Year all!  So…2016  was certainly…something…wasn’t it?  2017 will be better…theoretically…I choose to be optimistic!

That said, here’s a bigger WIP of the dogs I’ve been working on.  For the record, your dogs are now well on their way to becoming fabric.  I’m fairly pleased with how they’re turning out, but I’ve got a long way to go before I’m done.  So hold your horses.

Sketch of 7 dogs in Manga Studio

I feel like I should have (not set, have…goodness, if I just randomly decided on goals this morning that would end BADLY…and QUICKLY) some goals going into 2017, and I do, it’s just some of them will probably be completed today (if I get on it!), so I don’t know if they’re really goals or just moments of “Angela, stop being lazy.”

So…my 2017 to do list (for those who are interested):

  • Put all of my items up on my Etsy site so that people can actually buy them without having to call me and say “Hey, I want that.”
  • Finish drawing doggos.
  • Make a Facebook business page (can you hear me groaning?  I’m groaning).
  • Make new business cards.
  • Design some sort of postcard flyer to tuck in packaging and hand out at craft shows.
  • Draw out some of the greeting card ideas I have floating around in my head (coloring cards, of course).
  • Apply to more craft shows (Don’t worry about that sound.  It’s just me groaning again.  And my wallet groaning.  They can do that).
  • Make better poetry to put inside the greeting cards.  Or worse poetry.  Or puns…I like puns.
  • Finish up the manuscripts I have sitting around.

Short list…yeah…should knock all that out in no time. 🙂

Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2017 (and promising to  get back to blogging regularly)!