Meet the Scribbler

BEHeadshot2Hello!  I’m Angela and I’m the author of “The Scribbler Experiment.”  You may have noticed I like to write about everything–which is the main reason I started this blog as a grad student at Georgia State University working on my thesis (on Steampunk literature) to complete my M.A. in literary studies.  The Scribbler Experiment began as a way to stretch my typing fingers each week, and to make sure I was writing something once in a while that didn’t involve critical theory.  I’ve now obtained my M.A., and am working as a preschool music teacher/tutor/bookseller, but my goal hasn’t changed.  On these pages you will read about ice cream, cat coats, Santa Clauses on motorcycles, plus that time we may have set our wok on fire while trying to season it.

I’m going to write about things I love and things that interest me.  I’m going to experiment.  I’ll make a lot of ice cream; craft a little; paint; sew; read stuff; babble about steampunk; be generally geeky.  Who knows?

I cant promise it’s always going to be pretty, though I really do hope we don’t set any more fires in the process.  I can promise to consistently offer content that I’m excited about.

I hope you stop by each week to see what’s new, and maybe leave a comment or five.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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