Taryn’s Bachelorette Party (or Joyfully Painting and Singing in Ugly Dresses)

I am so terribly excited that I almost can’t contain it.  Two of my very favorite people in the whole wide world are getting married this weekend.  And everyone knows that first comes love, second comes Jonathan convincing us to help him string a boat load of Christmas lights together, third comes a bachelorette party, and then comes marriage.  Oh!  There’s a nail appointment in there somewhere too!

We painted such pretty trees.

We painted such pretty trees.

For the Bachelorette Party we decided to try out Canvas By U out in East Cobb. Continue reading

Diwali (plus 1 1/2 deer)

Vasu, myself, Brintha, Mom, Brintha's roommate, and Cathy

Vashei, myself, Brintha, Mom, Katy(Brintha’s roomate…if I got your name wrong, I’m sorry!), and Cathy

Hello, all!  Just here to say I’m still alive.  Things have been hectic(read: exhausting) recently between preschool, moving the store (I’m shaking my fist at you, kid from Alterations, that got to carry a toaster…a toaster!  I got to push a giant cart full of books and you get to carry a toaster!?!?!), schoolwork, getting sick from preschool (so many germs), thesis, schoolwork, thesis, schoolwork…thesis.  I did get my thesis draft back from my director, and he likes it!  I’m working on revising, so hopefully I’ll have it spiffed up a bit by Monday to send back to him and to everyone else (This is total optimism and probably not an accurate representation of how things are actually going to happen.  I’m trying though.)

On to brighter, happier, less exhausting things, I got to go to the Renganathan’s Diwali party last weekend where I ate way too much delicious Indian food and then dashed because I had to go help move a bookstore. Continue reading