The Hashbrown Metaphor and Orange Shirt Guy

First things first, I’d like to welcome Uncle Frank and Aunt Janet to the wonderful world of the internet and say congrats on their first ever computer.  It’s been a busy few weeks for me–I’m training for a new job and still working at Once and Again plus thesis plus the research paper for the online class I’m taking is due next week–so my free time went from slim to none relatively quickly and I haven’t managed to wiggle blog back in until today.

And logically…in the middle of me drafting this post…my Aunt and Uncle got a computer, so I had to do a little revising…just a little though.

The Hashbrown Metaphor

The hashbrowns in this story are not real hashbrowns (thus, “metaphor”) although there is some really bad wine.

The really bad wine

The wine in question.

A few months ago, my aunt and uncle (or my great aunt and great uncle for those of you who like your technicalities.  My Uncle Frank is my Grandpa’s brother.  As I seem to have more of these ‘greats’ than your average bear, I’m going to continue saving myself a syllable as I’ve been doing my entire life) realized that their cable bill was too high and called Comcast to see if they could lower it.  Comcast said, well, if you bundle it with internet the bill will be lower by a good bit.  So they got internet, and this is where the hashbrown metaphor comes in. Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July!

I know it’s disgusting and wet outside (at least in our little corner of the U.S. of A.), but I hope everyone has a great 4th.  I know my neighbors finished the Peachtree a little while ago.  I’m glad the weather hasn’t deterred too many people from joining in on the road race.  It certainly didn’t stop our neighborhood bike parade.       The Parade Begins  Continue reading

A Long Drive and a Bird

You may have noticed that I was MIA this weekend  I was in a land far far away.  A land with limited internet connection.  A land called Pennsylvania.

I guess it’s not as bad as all that, but it does take me about 30 minutes to load my email on my phone from my grandmas house–which, in my book, is pretty bad.

Every time we pass this thing I have this urge to find the world's largest pear of underwear for it.

Gaffney.  Every time we pass this thing I have this urge to find the world’s largest pair of underwear for it.

The Long Drive

It’s a lovely 12 hour drive, and logically I got to sit in the back of the car.  Because when you’re in a car with your parents you don’t get to sit in the front seat.  You just don’t.  So I spent about 10 hours of that lovely Thursday fighting the desire to hurl.  The other two hours I was fine since they eventually took pity on me and let me drive.  Two lovely hours of stomach happiness. Continue reading