No-Cook Chocolate Chip Irish Cream Ice Cream

Please try to say that five times fast. ūüôā

The end of June is fast approaching, and, quite frankly, it still doesn’t really feel like summer in Georgia. ¬†I honestly can’t remember a year that we weren’t in drought, but, according to the National Drought Monitor, we’re not. ¬†I know, I know, it doesn’t really need to be sweltering outside to make ice cream–let’s face it, I was making ice cream back in February–but I’d be feeling a whole lot more Summer-y if my ice cream was melting faster than I could scoop it out of the container.

Is there any less weird way to take a picture of an ice cream cone?  If only they could float in the air.

Is there any less weird way to take a picture of an ice cream cone? If only they could float in the air.

I’ve actually wanted to make Bailey’s ice cream for quite a while. ¬†My problem with most of the recipes I’ve found is that they require cooking, and I am decidedly anti-cooking when it comes to ice cream. ¬†Yes, I’ll do it, but I hate having to heat everything up because then you have to stick it in the fridge for a few hours to get it to cool back down again before putting it in the maker…and then after the maker you have to wait for it to firm up a bit in the freezer, and that extra little bit of waiting just kills me. Continue reading

Hamfest 2013

And before somebody asks the inevitable, “you went to what?” Ham radios, not meat. Thank you very much. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬†oldmilitaryradio

Ham radio, aka amateur radio, according to¬†is “a richly rewarding high-tech hobby that has many different appeals to different people” including: ”¬†the ability to talk to local friends over the radio waves using a hand-held transceiver (HT), communicating digitally with packet radio to exchange personal messages or vital information in an emergency, talking to other hams anywhere in the world, or engaging in contests with other Radio Amateurs.” ¬†I’ve lost count as to how many years my dad and I have been going to this particular Hamfest. ¬†The Atlanta Radio Club and Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club host it over at Jim Miller Park in Marietta. ¬†If you’ve never been to Jim Miller Park before, it’s huge; it has space for rodeos and car shows and the North Georgia State Fair. ¬†They’ve even recently installed something that looks suspiciously like a chairlift. ¬†People pull up their cars/trucks/vans and set up tables under the blazing Georgia sun and try to sell stuff. Continue reading

Daleks and Domain Changes

As a kid I checked Graeme Base’s “Discovery of Dragons” out ¬†from the library more times than I can remember. ¬†His illustrations are so vivid that you can just fall into them, like the sidewalk chalk scene in Mary Poppins. ¬†So detailed that you can imagine exploring that world, crawling around the corner of the picture and living in it. ¬†His illustrations are simply mesmerizing.

Animalia¬†Though I’m certain I must have checked out “Animalia” as a kid, I don’t remember it vividly like I do with “The Discovery of Dragons.” ¬†It’s essentially an alphabet book that uses ridiculous phrases (Think Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s) and crazy-wonderful pictures to illustrate each letter. ¬†I would never have noticed this as a kid, but inside this book is a little Easter egg for all of you Doctor Who fans out there–who I’m sure thought you’d never run into a Dalek until later in life.¬† Continue reading