Picnics in December

An odd idea given that even good old Georgia has decided to hop on the winter bandwagon.  The weather people of the world even predicted “flurries” the other day which is generally laughable.  I couldn’t tell you if said “flurries” occurred or not, because I’m generally asleep at 3 AM and not staring out the window praying for snow.

How then, did I arrive at picnics?  Well, I was writing and sometimes writing requires research so there it is.  I wanted to know what occurred at a Victorian era picnic, and I ended up discovering the same information repeated over and over thanks to Mrs. Isabella Beeton’s lovely work, The Book of Household Management.

By simply googling the subject I learned that:

  • The location couldn’t be anywhere near a precipice for fear the ladies be frightened by the scene.
  • The ground was checked to make certain no one was seated on an anthill.
  • If a woman sat on the ground a man couldn’t follow suit unless she invited him to do so.
  • Apparently people drank lavender lemonade.

While I’ll admit that adding lavender to lemonade does, in fact, sound like a mildly interesting way to drink it, none of this information particularly struck me as oh-so-fascinating.

I then decided to find something exciting about it. Continue reading

Scribbler meets Santa!


You can buy him at Lowes...this is the picture I had in my head...just in the form of an inflatable.

You can buy him at Lowes…this is the picture I had in my head…just in the form of an inflatable.

I totally just met Santa Claus.

Not the real one…clearly, but a very nice impersonator, and I’ve got to say that it absolutely positively made my night.  This guy had the beard, he had the build, and he drove up on a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket.  Seriously, it was a pretty badass looking motorcycle (or at least it was to the untrained eye on a dark night).  It was not a Santa kind of motorcycle, although I’m relatively certain that a “Santa kind of motorcycle” is a sleigh…

You know how every year your favorite shows put out a Christmas special?  Well, Castle this week featured, you guessed it, a Santa impersonator(or whatever it is that you call those). In the episode (which I ended up watching four separate times–not on purpose, I swear) that the Santa falls from the sky dead, and at first they think they have an ID on the body but as it turns out they don’t because his drivers license is written out to no other than…dun dun duuuuhhhhnnnn…Santa Clause! Continue reading